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    Welcome and thanks for stopping by my page. I am Tosin Adewumi and I am all for helping you find the passion in your personal and professional life so that you can live each day with an unwavering purpose, satisfied and fulfilled.

    What will your journey to discovering your passion and purpose look like? Come with me.

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    Insights on Business, Entrepreneurship, Travel and Personal Development topics.

    Personal Development,Relationships,Business
    Personal Development,Business,Entrepreneurship,Relationships
    Relationships,Personal Development
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    There's wisdom in knowing what's worth knowing. - Tosin Adewumi

    Passion Reveals Purpose

    Finding a Passion That Reveals Your Purpose

    Everything we present to you on this platform is to achieve this one goal; helping you find that one true passion that brings purpose into your life. That one thing that you are unique for and should be known for. The one thing that you do effortlessly and with the highest level of creativity. It is our hope that you will find this and nurture it until it becomes the one thing you are known and respected for.

    The All-Round You

    A "Motivational Thought" Blog

    The All-Round You blog covers topics on society, business, career, relationships, travel, and personal development. Again, the goal is to equip you with resources that will enable and promote your passion so you can enjoy that sense of purpose that we all strongly seek in every area of your life.

    Wisdom is Profitable

    Wisdom Quotes For Everyday People On Everyday Issues

    I have been blessed in my life to experience a constant flow of inspiration that are unique and practical and for over 10 years, I have journaled these inspirational moments and now I share them with you through Wisdom is Profitable. These are practical daily wisdom quotes that are applicable to everyday issues. They have changed my life tremendously, my routine and my discipline. I hope you can find practical wisdom in it the way I have.

  • Behind The Work

    If your question is about purpose, your quest should be about finding your passion.

    Tosin Adewumi

    Founder & Author

    Tosin Adewumi is the author of online resources: Passion Reveals Purpose, The All-Round You blog and the eBook "Wisdom Is Profitable: Wisdom for Everyday People on Everyday Issues". An accomplished musician and a passionate writer. He is an IT professional with qualifications in Information Systems and eCommerce, as well as the Founder and Director of the internationally recognized music recording group Brisbane City Gospel Choir from Australia. Tosin's passion is to inspire God's purpose for people through music, writing and speaking.

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