Looking at the lives of some of the greatest influences in my life, I observed a pattern in the relationships that these people cultivated. They all had people who inspired, informed, and supported them through their major moments in life.

And just like these great men and women, we all need to have people in our lives who can inspire, inform and support us and the decisions we make in life.

Find someone who inspires you

Someone to motivate and challenge you when you need to think bigger and go for more in life. Even when we have the right information, a little inspiration can go a long way in sparking the fire we need to act and fulfill our goals.

Find someone who informs you

Someone to guide you when the choices you make or are about to make are going to hurt you or your outcomes in life. Inspiration without the right information is simply passion without purpose.

Passion only reveals purpose when we are well informed.

Find someone who supports you

Someone to get behind you and the decisions you make based on sound advice, not just any decision.

The purpose of being informed is to ensure good decisions. 

If you don’t have someone doing these things for you, find one today. If you already have people like this in your life, keep them around.

But I also encourage you to become this person to someone that you know who needs it. The world is so much better when we all touch somebody and what greater way to do so than being the one who inspires, informs and supports the people you love and believe in.

Tosin Adewumi
"It's time to do your most fulfilling and meaningful life's work"

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