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Airline Travel Class

Value Class vs Price Class

I love traveling and seeing new places. It's the best education you can get but when you think about airline class, what comes to mind? First, Business, Premium Economy or Standard Economy classes. But the truth is, there is more to these classes than just the name and the perceived value attached to it. In reality, there are really only two travel classes; the Value Class and the Price Class.

What is the Value Class?

The value class is what you choose as a traveler. Everyone decides the value they get from what they are willing to pay or can afford and you choose the value from available options. The interesting thing though is that it isn’t always about how much you’re paying or willing to pay but more about how familiar you are with the air travel system.

To make the most of the value class, you need to be very smart with travel dates, deals and loyalty programs as well as predictable price swings. This is where it is most evident that those who get the best value aren’t always paying the highest price.

The value class benefits those who have mastered the system and can use or bend it to their advantage for the best deals in terms of price and value.

People who get the best value aren’t always paying the highest price.

What is the Price Class?

The price class is what the airlines choose for you. They dictate the price class. The sad truth revealed in this class is that you don’t always get the value of the price tag. As a matter of fact, the majority of people forced into this class are outrightly ripped off of significant value compared to what they pay in price.

Ever asked yourself why ticket prices go up the closer the travel date? It is simple. Airlines must leverage demand to reduce risks attached to selling below capacity. For this reason, they up the price to compensate for the likely event of selling below full capacity, which rarely happens for most major airlines, while maintaining running costs and improving profit.

So every time you buy late at higher prices, you are covering costs for the airline and not getting value back for your top dollar. It is not uncommon for people to buy an economy seat close to the same price that a business seat sold for when the flight first opened. How do you break out of this class into the value class? First, you need to start by using the price class to earn your way into the value class. And once in the value class, you must learn how to maintain this status in order to continue to reap its benefits.

Earn Your Way Into The Value Class

Take as many local flights as you can manage and earn points while doing so. I strongly recommend sticking with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3-4 frequent flyer loyalty points program and choose the ones that offer partner airlines point acquisition, this way you can earn points from multiple airlines on the same loyalty program. The more partner airlines you can earn points from, the higher your chances of scoring great flight deals all year round. Visit the airline website to find out more about their loyalty program and benefits.

Travel can be a choice or a chore. Choose what you want.​

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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