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Good Help or Bad Help?

How we can truly help others.

The following thoughts were formed out of many other thoughts flashing through my mind and situations that are not so far out of notice in our immediate world today, so I thought I would share it with you all and maybe we all can play our little tiny roles in our sphere of influence.

Majority of our TV programming and BIG corporation-backed projects about societal, political and human issues today do not resolve anything. It mostly talks lacking practical solutions but what baffles me most is the number of resources pumped into these programmes and projects to make them look and sound good, all for debating issues that will never get practical input by these famous and extremely lauded programmes and projects.

When you see an organization or any individual offering a solution and avoiding direct involvement with the situation or people needing the solution, they are just actors and they do it well. They help only to help themselves. Politics is full of people like this and that is where the People-Politicians trust issues lie, the majority of the time.

The people-politicians trust issue is created by fake concerns for the people and promises of help that do not materialize

Help is not helping if it lacks the human connection factor, then it becomes just a handout. Handouts never helped anyone and in most cases, it only reduces people's self-assessed value, and as a result, locking them into the "handout" mentality for the rest of the best years of their lives. The sad thing is, there are people and organizations who profit enormously from this sad reality.

If you are ever involved in a project relating to helping people and the society, do not give anything until you have truly understood the people and/or the situation, the reasoning attached to and the catalysts behind the behaviors and attitude in the people or the situation you are trying to help. That is when you can offer real HELP, from a place understanding and real human connection.

Help is not helping if it lacks the human connection factor

And this is how we can truly help others.

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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