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How To Invest In Yourself

What you put in determines what comes out

Self-improvement or self-investment can be the most fulfilling and profitable thing you’ll ever do. Investing in yourself is not a selfish ambition and should not be seen as such. Failing to invest in yourself, however, can lead to missed opportunities, frustration and a sense of lack of purpose.

There are few ways you can effectively invest in yourself:

Make reading a habit and you'll never have to remember to read.

Read books that speak to your passion

I know this may sound cliche but it is still very practical and effective. The fastest way to get inside great minds is to read about them or read their works. You may never get to be mentored by that person you most admire, but you can learn from them through their books, seminars or videos. Find materials on the people that inspire you and learn as much as you can from them. Make reading a habit and you will never have to remember to read.

Learn skills that are instrumental to your passion

One of the important reasons for finding your passion is the fact that it helps you frame the things that are important to you and knowing your passion means you know, without a doubt, the skills that are necessary to fulfill it. If you want to be a writer, take writing courses or enroll in a program that develops writing skills. Join writing clubs to meet people who may just be starting like yourself or people who are already accomplished as writers. If your passion is in music or business, learn the skills needed to be successful at it. But most importantly, find ways to meet people who are already active in and practicing this work. Skills create opportunities that experience often cannot see.

Skills create opportunities that experience often cannot see.

Cultivate relationships with like-minded individuals

In fact, not one of these points can be fully executed without people and relationships. This goes to show how important having the right relationship, at any given time, is to your purpose. When seeking out relationships in your area of passion, find people who can challenge you, who are already doing better than you and at a place where you want to be. But as you pursue these relationships, remember to always maintain the uniqueness of your passion and purpose. The goal is not to copy them but learn from them to help you achieve your goals.

Mentors reproduce a piece of themselves in you

Find and keep a mentor

The place of a mentor cannot be underestimated. You have the vision, they know the how. A good mentor will put you on the right path to ensuring you cover all your blind spots and leave nothing to chances. Personally, I have had on and off mentors in my life but each time the only common thing among them all is this; they all have achieved and been to places I want to go. Whether it is personal life or business mentors, I always seek out people who are high achievers but with a strong credibility and character. Mentors reproduce a piece of themselves in you. So make sure you do your homework and choose wisely.

Take action on your goals

The goal of investing in yourself is to become confident and equipped to the point where you can take charge and act on your goals. The biggest deterrent to fulfilling goals is lack of confidence and information required to move on to the next level. By investing in yourself through study, developing vital skills, meeting the right people and choosing a mentor, you are ultimately setting yourself up for success and developing the confidence needed to execute your plans. So, know when the opportunity presents itself and don’t second-guess yourself or your ability to execute your goals. Passion brings the courage to act and purpose brings the fulfillment after the act.

Share what you’re learning

Just like I am doing right now. The best way to multiply knowledge, experience, and skills, is to share it with others, especially those who can benefit the most from it. Sharing what we have learned makes not just our works accessible but gives courage and encouragement to others, the kind that says “if I can make it and if I can do it, so can you”. There’s power in your story and this should motivate you to reach your goals so that when you get there, you have something to share, something to give back to help others. If your life’s purpose is all about you, it will die with you, but if you live to improve other people’s lives, your legacy will always live on.

Passion brings the courage to act and purpose brings the fulfillment after the act​

Remember, passion reveals purpose, so whatever you do, make it your life's mission to find your passion and live with purpose.

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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