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Know Your Worth

Let your worth be louder than your fears.

Recently, I got introduced to the works of a researcher and storyteller, Brene Brown, and one of the things she said in an interview stuck with me and here it is:

Don't walk through the world looking for evidence that you don't belong or are not enough because you will always find it. –Brené Brown

When was the last time you ventured into something totally new without feeling a little nervous? For most of us, starting anything significant can be nerve-racking and the emotions that come with it can either propel us forward with courage and excitement or pull us back for the fear of failing or making an unnecessary public display of ourselves.
But here's the thing, it will be hard if not impossible to find anyone who's ever done anything great with zero fear. There will always be something at the back of our minds, whether it's excuses or oftentimes the level of our faith in our own ability to achieve things.

So, the problem is not the presence of fear but our ability to go on despite it.

I know you may have felt this way or feeling this way right now in your journey. I have felt that way and still feel that way sometimes, but here's what I found and that you need to remember; your worth is ultimately not determined by the things you accomplish or don't accomplish and your true worth remains intact regardless of your outcomes.
Understanding our true worth and the truth it carries for us individually is one of the most powerful ways to go through life confidently, not looking to the right or left for affirmation and validation every step of the way and when we do this, we inspire others to seek and know their worth, too.
You are uniquely wired, so, let your worth be louder than your fears.

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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