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Mastering Control

A different perspective to learning and applying control.

Life is all about control and the degree to which we master control, where it matters, will determine the extent of our happiness and fulfillment in life. Most struggles in life, work or relationships can often be traced back to a lack of control in certain areas. Knowing how important control is, it's only wise that we not only be aware but constantly remind ourselves where we need to maintain or relinquish control.

Things you can control

You are in control of your actions, your emotions, and your decisions. Always take responsibility for these things. Not much to be said here, just do it. Take control.

No one can waste your time unless you permit it. Consciously decide every single day where, how and with whom you want to spend your time.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.- Unknown

Work is the antidote for mediocrity. And not just working hard but working smart and knowing the right work to do. The results we get in life are a combination of how well we manage ourselves and our time. So put your best effort and your best time towards your best work.

Things you can’t control

What people do is entirely their business and responsibility. What you do, is your business and responsibility. We’d save ourselves a lot of headaches if we just get this simple fact. Besides, nobody likes to be controlled :)

Stuff happens. I like to say, “the worst will happen but you must rise above it”. When dealing with a situation that you have no control over, the only thing you must control is your response and how you move forward.

Never let the things you're going through get through you.

I threw this in just for a laugh but it's not all that funny in reality. Some people still blame the weather for how they feel, act and live their lives–true story. It's too hot out there. I don't like getting wet. This weather depresses me. I don't do cold days. And the list goes on. These statements are harmless on the surface but beneath reveal our inclination to control things that are out of our control.

As each day presents us with a brand new opportunity to learn and apply control, we need to allow things that are out of our control to be what they are while we stay in charge of the things we can control.

Tosin Adewumi
"It's time to do your most fulfilling and meaningful life's work"

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