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The Cost of a Dream

Dreams are free but here's what is not...

I believe we all have great aspirations for the new year and what better way to kick off than to talk about our dreams!

I think without dreams and our ability to dream, life would seem like it's going nowhere and soon enough, we might feel stuck in the normalcy of everyday living.
But there's more to our dreams than the hopes they bring, especially ones that matter and that we aspire to, one day, realize. While it may be free to dream up whatever we want and the ideal person we hope to become one day, what is not free–at least not for dreams that we hope to achieve–is the cost of fulfilling those dreams. So, what really are the costs of our dreams?
Have you ever tried setting goals? Well, as logical as that may sound, a lot of us often get stuck easily at this phase where we put pen to paper in an attempt to conceptualize, in reality, the things we are dreaming about–just like we set resolutions every new year. And let's say we have these goals set, then comes the question of how do we achieve them? This is where the true costs of a dream start to kick in. Being able to set goals is great but not until we can determine the specific actionable steps towards achieving these goals.
I wanted to challenge how we look at this process and the mentality that is prevalent when we say 'follow your dreams', and because language is very important, some of these statements create subconscious programming that is passive as a result of the instructions we're constantly conveying to our minds. Perhaps we need to picture the process from 'dreaming' to 'achieving' by creating more awareness around the different stages involved.
When we DREAM (the passive stage), the possibilities are endless, from imagining yourself in that dream house to electing yourself the president or prime minister of the country where you live–if that's your dream. But all there is here is wild imagination of things we hope to see in our lives or become in the world.

Then we move on to GOAL setting (an active stage) where our imaginative world collides with our authentic world and we try to find a middle ground between the two by allocating our dreams across different stages of progress in a manner that makes practical sense.

And finally comes STEPS (an active and collaborative stage) when we first realize it's going to take more than just our dreams and goals to achieve whatever it is that we want. Now, we must get up, go out, meet somebody, fill out an application, start a program or move to another city. Whatever this stage means for you, this is where the rubber meets the road and the best place to feel a real sense of progress. But the unfortunate thing is, this is also that fork in the road where we choose to either commit or continue to abandoning the dream altogether.
But if you commit once, chances are you are more likely to experience your dreams and appreciate the benefit of the process. And on top of this, you will be more willing to do it over and over again because now you understand that at this stage–things work–and your dreams can indeed become a reality when you take the right actionable steps towards achieving them.
When we look at our dreams differently, impartially and with the understanding of what it will take to achieve them, we are well and truly on our way to changing our realities and fulfilling our dreams.
Put another way by Wayne Dyer, "when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change".

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

Here's to realizing your most fulfilling and meaningful dreams in 2019!

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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