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Understand Purpose, Prevent Abuse.

Stop living life where things and people don't serve their purposes.

There are many things and people in our daily world that are constantly being abused -- abnormally used. Some we put under the spotlight due to the magnitude of their impact on socitey but others we pass on under the label of technological and societal advancement. Whenever something or someone is abused, there is a fundamental error of not understanding the purpose of that thing or person. I want to shine the light on some of these, from the "trivial" to the more critical "life-threatening" examples. Some of these examples may sound all too common but common sense is not common nowadays.

Stop living life where things and people don't serve their purposes anymore

On Family Living and Dining

The dining table is where people (family) eat and make conversations - phones and tablets may be interfering. Ever thought about what was in the mind of the person who invented the dinner table? He definitely wasn't thinking about Facebooking or Tweeting at the table.

On Communication and Making Conversations with People

People actually talk and want to be talked to. I know not a human who loves to be ignored, stranger or not, people respond to people. That's how we are and that's how we relate.

On Use of Technology

Phones don't have emotions or feelings so they can't be your best friend or buddy. Get it, they're tools that can make a fool out of you if you don't manage the use well.

On Parenting

Have you noticed kids love attention, especially from their parents? Don't shortchange that for anything. If you hold back the attention, they always have a way of getting it from somewhere else... Think about that! Most times, from people and things you wouldn't want them around.

On Loyalty

Loyalty from people is like your credit rating, a couple of defaults and you're risking a bad score. Respect friends and family who are loyal to you.

On Rest

Before you question your need for sleep, think about the number of organs and cells in your body working round the clock to keep you alive - it's not about you now, they need a break too... Don't be selfish.

On Food and Healthy Living

Another one like the previous - food. Would you put diesel in a car made for petrol? Why do we sometimes eat like we are different -- some foods just don't do us good... Be intentional with what you consume into your body.

On Time and Future

Time spent is time lost, time invested is time redeemed. You can't make time wait for you but you sure can make it work for you and to your future advantage. Spend time wisely.

On Drugs and Alcohol

Lastly, I don't entertain debates about drugs and alcohol but I always like to point people to the results -- what they produce (addicts, broken families, and dreams, violence, and sicknesses to name a few). The results are the best argument anyone can offer. If you don't want the result, don't participate in the action.

I understand there are many more areas to cover on this topic but I like to remind myself of what one of my favorite authors wrote and I am offering it as a rule that applies to everything and every human.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable
- Dr. Myles Munroe

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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