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You Matter Where You Are

I see you, yes, you!

So just today I was working and next to the computer was some loose change from last night and I started fiddling with these coins when I realized I had a dollar, a 50 cent, one 20 cent and two 5s. Out of nowhere, I thought of stacking them then something occurred to me – If I decide to stack these based on their monetary value, putting the 5s at the bottom, it’s not gonna be a firm stack and any slight movement would send the stack falling. So I did what you'd probably do with your loose change when you stack them and I stacked them based on their size starting with the biggest coin and up to the smallest – 50c, 20c, $1 then the two 5s. You might think this is a no-brainer, right? Then I realized something outstanding!

This stack is stronger and steadier but not logical or arranged according to their monetary value. As a matter fact, the two 5s are now sitting on the top of the rest, more valuable coins.

Actual image of my loose change :)

I said all of that to say this, your value is not determined by your visibility. The part you play in a team, a business, or in a relationship is never about what people see, but more about what you contribute to the growth and stability of that team, business, or relationship.

We live in a world where everyone wants to be seen, acknowledged and publicly praised but not many people value being a strong support and foundation for what appears great and strong on the outside – a strong and winning team, a successful business or a flourishing relationship. None of these are successful because of how we see them, what they look like or even who gets paid the big bucks, they succeed on the backs of those working in the background holding it down, the pillars, the foundations, people you and I may never ever get to see or know by name.

I am talking about the unseen mothers juggling kids, work, and life in general, teachers developing the next generation, workers (both paid and volunteers) in all organizations and industries making the big picture achievable every single day. Wherever you are in this workflow, I see you.

Let’s be people who value substance and contribution where it matters, regardless of how important we may feel about ourselves and the place we think we deserve.

Wherever you make your contributions right now, that is where you’re most needed. Keep holding it down and keep on keeping it all together.

I see you!

Tosin Adewumi
The All-Round You | Passion Reveals Purpose

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